Friday, 5 August 2016


Charlie wants me to help him buy a new jacket so I meet him after work and he takes me straight to the Lego store.

He strides directly to the Build-A-Mini Tower and announces "You build me, and I'll build you."

It is as if he has done this before.

There are many, many pieces to choose from; recreating Charlie in Lego is a significant creative challenge. We work in silence, bar the odd expletive. Glancing up from time to time, I see his face  either furrowed in concentration or sparkling with mischief.

After hunting through the outfits I fail to find an architect's assistant uniform, so go for something more statement, more essence de Charlie.

"Ready?" says Charlie. "I'll go first. Right, this is you. You have glasses, because you wear glasses. This is your hair because that's exactly what your hair is like. You're wearing a mermaid's top to demonstrate you have big boobies. The trousers are, hmm, kind of like your trousers - they're just trousers. Anyway you're holding a giant steak and a pint glass because you always feed me."

I'm very touched by this depiction.

"This is you," I reply. "You're a lascivious sailor fisting a monkey."


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Secret Squirrel said...

We've all stopped blogging :( or..... have you started a new one? Please let me know. I hope you're well and happy,fine and dandy.
Big love xöx eve xöx (aka secret squirrel).